Tuesday, June 19, 2007

American Liturgical Music Manifesto

Do you agree with these words?

American Liturgical Music: Toward a Manifesto

Just curious. I found it in an unrelated search. Seriously, I did.


Ma Beck said...

That is some genius satire.
It IS satire, right?
Seriously, that's hilarious.
I salute the author.

a thorn in the pew said...

It is serious. The writer is a composer of modern Catholic hymns.

Ma Beck said...

That is so (no, Ma. No more cursing.) utterly (good girl) ridiculous.
It looks like something written on SOV2 Faith Community.
It would be knee-slapping hilarious and witty and clever IF THE AUTHOR WERE NOT SERIOUS.
I could excuse the staggering ignorance of a typical Joe railing against chant and the use of Latin as "dusty", but for a MUSIC DIRECTOR to do so is just pathetic.
That entire article is sad, and shows the glaring ineptitude and ignorance which infected the Church in recent decades with regards to liturgical music.
Even if I lived in the basement of this church, I would drive somewhere else for Mass.
That sort of theological and musical childishness ALWAYS carries over to the rest of the liturgy. It's like a disease.
Singing hymns in church is NOT just 'singing a song.' It's a form of worship, and when someone sings about "Mother God" or "Gather Us In, the gay and the straight ones", it's no different than a priest preaching heresy from the pulpit during his homily.
In a typical post-concilar Mass, we will receive approximately 15 minutes total of theology and doctrinal instruction through music, sometimes much more.
I don't sit through 15 minutes of heresy during a movie in the theater - I'll get up and walk out - and I'm sure as heck not going to do it on Sunday at Mass.
I apologize profusely for this rant.

a thorn in the pew said...

Rant is okay. It is hard to believe someone with such disdain for church history truly loves our faith. I think that is the bitter pill. I was fed so much "American music" as a child that it made me despise the 70's schmucky stuff today. How can you compare Janis Joplin to Motzart? What the stink is that?

a thorn in the pew said...

Dude, I think his parish is near you....

Ma Beck said...

Okay. I'm better now.

Yep, looks like it's in one of Chicago's many suburbs.
Of course.

(Off-topic, why do all liberal hippies use Macs?)