Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quotes on sacred music

These are quotes I found that deserve mentioning:

"Yet certain Catholics today express the desire of changing the external form of the Liturgy by adapting it to the style of life of our desacralized age. Such a desire indicates a blindness to the nature of the Liturgy, as well as a lack of reverence and gratitude for the sublime gifts of two thousand years of Christian life. It betrays a ludicrous self-assurance and conceit to believe that these traditional forms can be scrapped for something better. And this conceit is especially incongruous in those who accuse the Church of "triumphalism." On the one hand, they consider a lack of humility the Church's claim that She alone possesses the full divine revelation (instead of perceiving that this claim is rooted in the very nature of the Church and flows out of Her divine mission). On the other hand, they exhibit a ridiculous pride in assuming that our modern epoch is superior to former ones." Pg 238-239 from Trojan Horse in the City of God, Dietrich von Hildebrand

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. ~Ludwig van Beethoven

From Richard Morris, a good interview and short bio found here: An Interview with Richard Morris

Catholic liturgical music, it would seem, is everywhere but in the Catholic Church itself.
Richard Morris

Ironically, we live in times that are awash in authentic sacred music.
Richard Morris

Many pastors just fear aspiring to something other than the most bland mediocrity; they don't want to be called snobs and they have no sense that the liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass requires special music.
Richard Morris

Only the Catholic Church seems blind to its power. This is one of the greatest travesties of the post-Conciliar period. We've abandoned the sacred treasury and replaced it with drivel.
Richard Morris

The point is not to return to the way the Mass was sung forty years ago but to do it reverently and correctly now.
Richard Morris

There are so many more good ones from Richard Morris I found. But I must get back to work and get on with my day. Just some good thoughts and perspectives to chew on...

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