Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Friday. A bit on the "legacy" of Bishop Hughes.

I have had to do minimal blogging this week to catch up on business issues. I'm trying to keep hope as my children wind down the school year and it's getting more difficult everyday. We are still without a priest assignment and that has everything to do with whether or not I and many others will stay at the parish so we are all in limbo. Oddly enough, I have prayed that the choice be obvious so there will be no grey matter hindering our decision. We truly have some excellent and holy priests in our diocese and so I am praying that by some miracle we have a priest who can save our poor parish. It has been one of the roughest years, spiritually, of my entire life. To go from being an integral part of a parish and participating in so much of the parish life to be forced out by liturgical abuse-palooza and decisions that put our parish in the same genre as every other liberal parish in the diocese was harsh and difficult to live through. I pray that we do not have an unprecedented situation where a priest, less than a year ordained runs our rather large parish. He is a good man but he needs much help.

So now I and many others sit in limbo wondering if we will be looking for a new school and parish for the coming year as I cannot stay somewhere were it becomes an occasion of sin on a daily basis and where Catholic truth can no longer be found. One thing I have found in the last year is the beauty of the Tridentine Mass. If things weren't so bad and heretical(on some occasions)I may never have ventured that far. All things happen for a reason. My children love going to the Tridentine and as bad as things are in some parishes here, I am so thankful we have an indult Mass. Many dioceses do not and for this I have some comfort. I have come to learn that all things, even when difficult happen for the greater good and so I have hope in this. I pray that someday the vice grip Bishop Hughes had many years ago on this diocese will finally be gone. Everything was liberal, very little was orthodox and the ripple effect can still be felt today. For history on Bishop Hughes(for those that are not locals), you can read up on his "legacy"(if you can call it that) Continuing the Bishop Hughes Legacy
. Here is a brief excerpt:

Bishop Hughes’ pontificate was marred by a succession of scandals as he sought to mold the priests and people of his diocese into his own anti-Roman image. Often at public odds with the Pope, Cardinals O’Connor and Ratzinger, his pro-active support of abortion, the homosexual lifestyle, distributing condoms to children; his mishandling of pedophile priests; his promotion of dissenting clergymen and dismissal of orthodox priests; all characterize the Bishop Hughes presence in northern Kentucky.

Trust me, his "legacy" continues. While we have a few positive signs of change(the indult being huge), dealing with rampant liturgical abuses and end-of-life/pro-life issues continues to be a prominent problem. With so many good priests, it is hard to understand the measure by which one gets promoted to monsignor(as honorary) in this diocese. Some are excellent and give such honor to the priesthood. Others are known to be card carrying members of the Lavender Mafia or promote social issues in conflict with Catholic teaching. It is hard to stay positive except in knowing that God sees all.

I truly hope the next year will be less stressful regarding my faith. I'm tired of hearing the pseudo-protestant mantra "God is community" and all the lovey-huggy stuff that has nothing to do with leading a life pleasing to God and getting to heaven. I worry that just in a year's time, our parishioners believe that they will get to heaven because they are part of a "community" and not because they have loved much and stayed true to God's commandments(among others things like sin and grace that have not been mentioned). We will not ride the coattails of any "community" on our way to heaven, it is truly every man for himself and we will be judged according to our heart, works and faithfulness. The community is a made-up fantasy that makes everyone feel happy and mushy. We are the Body of Christ through our baptism. That is a totally different concept that is not what we have been force-fed in the last year. Can you sense my frustration?

So today I work and while I work I will pray that God will allow this tired and stressed-out mother to have more support in teaching my children the truth of the Catholic faith. I know I cannot handle another year like this last one. In Christ's name, I pray for truth and sound teaching for my children. Amen.