Thursday, April 26, 2007

Winner of the "What's more upsetting?" prize

This is going to be a close one in a week full of freakishly odd news. Will it be:

1.) Sheryl Crow's toilet paper conservation act.(Although a kuddos to Archbishop Burke on this one!)

2.) Mexico approves abortion.

3.) Dems refuse to allow hate crimes against Christians into bill.

4.) Greek nuns killed for remnant of cross.

It is hard to place value on these equally since three of them involve human life directly or indirectly. All I can say is help us Lord. Sometimes I need to see them all lined up to see how crimes against humanity effect us and hurt the unborn who desparately need our help and prayers.


Ma Beck said...

They are all disturbing, in a way.

The nun being killed is tragic. A life is lost.

The hate crimes against Christians? I'm against hate crime laws anyway. ALL crimes are hateful.

The toilet paper? That's just goofy. Lay off the sauce, Sheryl.

Abortion in Mexico, hands down, is the most unsettling, tragic, disgusting story. We kill 4,000 people a day in the US alone. Now our "Christian" neighbors to the south are going to join us and kill a few million Mexican babies.
Lord have mercy.
How Our Lady of Guadalupe must be weeping!

FloridaWife said...

I'm terribly disappointed by what happened in Mexico.