Monday, April 30, 2007

Hmmm.....motu-von Hildebrand

H/T to American Papist and PtB:AST for this tip.

As per AmP:
Pope Benedict, during a recent meeting with Alice von Hildebrand, told her that the Motu Proprio would be released in May. This from von Hildebrand. Bishop Bruskewitz agreed that May 5th sounded like a reasonable release date (as do many others) [slightly edited - AmP].

Just another bit of news in the world of motu-mania.


Alexander said...

Hopefully this will be the date, I grow tired of "hey look it’s gonna be month X" and then nothing happens.

Although I probably won’t see the affects of it around here for a long time. I even asked the most conservative priest in the area I know if he would do a TLM if allowed and he stated, "no one wants that." Gee, I guess they don't want what they never experienced before, good call there..

Driving to Dayton or Cincinnati for the indult isn't that bad though.

a thorn in the pew said...

There is one in Cincinnati at Sacred Heart off I-75 and we have one at the Cathedral Basillica in Covington, KY(about 8 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.) It will be interesting to see the bishop's response in the various cities and how many faithful request the indult.

Alexander said...

I have never been to the one at the Cathedral.

The one at Sacred Heart Church is done by the FSSP. The priest actually does the one in Dayton first at 8:45 am and then drives down to Sacred Heart Church.

For some reason incense is not used at Sacred Heart Church among a few other things. Must be a low mass? And people seem to kneel when they are supposed to stand, but that is understandable.

Who offers the TLM at the Cathedral?

a thorn in the pew said...

Fr. Fitzgerald, Fr. Hils and Fr. Berscheid ususally offer the Mass. I think they have a schedule that rotates.