Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese or Strip Club?

I took some time to mull this over and apparently, I've mulled. Yesterday we took the kids to a local Chuck E. Cheese. Seems innocent, no? While the kids and husband went on the token spree, I sat at the table checking email, waiting for food, having a beverage. During the time we were there, I noticed something very frightening. Most of the adults there were parents or grandparent, from what I could tell, middle of a Saturday afternoon. Here's the unsettling part. I spotted an odd word on a mommy's tee shirt. After thinking I was seeing something, I realized I was not and she had the phrase "I Saved the Boobies" on her shirt. Yes, I know it was a breast cancer fundraiser. Inappropriate doesn't began to say how I feel about this at a family place. So next, a younger man in his 20's has a tee on with the huge letters "F U" and underneath, really tiny it says "Frog University". That I get too, a local station with a frog mascot. Again, inappropriate. Next, a dad, close to my age has on a tee that says "Don't be a Tool"(holding his 3 year old son).

At this point I realize I either don't get out much, or, I've become my grandmother and the world is beginning to offend the snot out of me. Do we really need such crass and sexual garbage on our chests just to tell the world we have a sexual sense of humor? Thankfully, my kids were so busy playing games they wouldn't notice. I would expect such garbage from a teen possibly but these were PARENTS. And I wonder why I feel inclined to home school my kids. Oh....forgot to mention my daughter, in kindergarten learned some really sweet words for a male body part at school last week(from a little boy who needs a bar of nasty suds in his yapper).

So, next time you think you are going to a nice family place for a nice day with the kids, don't be surprised if you see strippers and gangstas and the like playing skee ball. It could happen to you when you least expect it.


Ma Beck said...

It's a crying shame that people are so crass and ill-mannered.
Everytime I see something like that, I think, "My mother could be in here seeing that."
Crude humor, once the territory of only frat boys, is now mainstream.
Even girls get in on the action, as you mentioned.
Yet another example of how no one cares about anyone else's feelings anymore. No one cares who they offend - how many grandmothers and kindergartners will see their rude shirt or bumper sticker.
I'll wager even cavemen had better manners than the average 21st century American.

Coffee Wife said...

Sex, sex, sex. It's ALL people seem to think about! There is so much more to life - like uh...God? Hobbies? Nature?? Anyhoo, I'm preaching to the choir here...