Monday, March 5, 2007

So I am shopping at Amazon....

And I came across this funny review:

Burn the "Glory and Praise" hymnal!, July 21, 2003
Reviewer: Darren Gauthier (Baton Rouge, LA USA) - See all my reviews

For those who have had enough of folk masses, youth masses, and "On Eagle's Wings" - as I have, since about 1988 - this is the antidote. I resent the 1960's generation who felt the need to throw out 1500 years of beautiful sacred music and replace it with the Paul Simon-like strains of "Here I Am Lord." When I hear this music in Latin, all I can say is "DEO GRATIAS!"

And then the tail end of this comment:

I hope the next Pope will restore sacred music and insist that local churches listen. (I have left the RC Church by the way, and the main reason was music.)

That last one was written in 2004. Sad, very sad. On a lighter note, Mother Angelica has a new book of spiritual lessons that will be released tomorrow called Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality, written by Raymond Arroyo. It is just $11.53 and if you purchase $25 worth of items you will get it shipped free.(I don't work for Amazon, promise). I miss the days of Mother Angelica on EWTN, honestly. I still have my favorites such as Fr. Corapi, The Journey Home and Fr. Mitch Pacwa but the take-over of Scott Hahn and the like have left me shaking my head. I don't see where they will get back to tradition any time soon. I've always been a Mother Angelica fan and I have respect for her zeal, example and amazing faith. That will never change.

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