Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lent in the middle

Its very "middle of Lent" and I am feeling the effects. It is almost supernatural how every year, since coming back to the faith, I have this true journey during Lent. Some years have been overbearing with sadness and despair, some have been trying and bitter, some have been oddly symbolic.
Last night coming home from Mass I was held up by an awful car accident where the car was missing half and mangled beyond belief. I prayed and felt awful seeing the number of cops, medics and blue and red lights.
On Sunday after Mass I walked by two homeless people with my family in downtown Covington. They had a shopping cart and went to sit on a bench across from the Cathedral. I had this driving urge to give them money, they did not beg. I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I not only didn't give them anything but I went to dinner with my family and felt bad about it through the whole meal. I prayed for them. But what if that was Christ that needed me? I still have not let it go.
I have been so caught up in all matters spiritual that I have not been able to focus on my business as I should. I suppose I am getting burned out. I just lost a manufacturing source that would have allowed me some "down time" and that upset me. Actually manufacturing issues have been a problem for a week and so I'm being quite apathetic about the whole mess.
So I want to deal with my son's First Communion and get through that with the obvious red tape before moving on. I plan on looking into two sources for classic Catholic home school programs in the coming weeks. I just want to be prepared.
This Lent is all over the place. I have infertility issues still(although I am starting Clomid in a few days) spiritual feelings of abandonment, issues with my business and this new time change has me tired a lot. Other than that, things are good. I have a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge and birds singing to me by my window.

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