Friday, March 23, 2007

Information on "The Rapture"(from a Catholic)

This is some good information on the origins of the "rapture" theories. Where they originated and what is behind the rapture movement.
Five Myths About the Rapture
I found this to be very informative and interesting. Ever since the "Left Behind" series, I have followed the peaked sensationalism over the "rapture" beliefs.
Here is another recent article of note:
Moderate Christians fight rapture with Sunday school
From a Catholic viewpoint, it goes against our grain, so to speak. I don't believe God would whisk up the believers to spare them suffering before a great tribulation. Why should God's only Son then suffer and set that example on the cross as the core of our faith if God knew all along(in His omnipotence) that believers thousands of years later would get off easy by being raptured before a great suffering? I am simplifying, yes but it seems very logical to me as a Catholic that its just not a feasible plan. That and it's theory is not based in scripture.

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