Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"Glory and Praise" is around the corner. Oh happy day.

My ongoing interest in the Glory & Praise lie had me googling tonight. Our Glory & Praise for Young People came back in the pews today. Here I thought they were burned. I'm debating on what to tell my children. I will pray about it. There is heresy in those songs(besides just being horrid music). Here is the nifty description:
Children and youth can experience the power of Glory & Praise in a format specially suited to their needs. With over 200 songs, rounds, psalms and acclamations composed to engage and enrich, Young People's Glory & Praise is perfect for Masses with children and other special services with young people.

Isn't that special? "...specially suited to their needs" Like children aren't capable of singing something that doesn't have the words "table", "wheat" or "potter" in it. At recess, we used to take combs and pretend they were guitars and strum out the insipid tunes on a COMB. The year was 1977. So, as you can see, my disdain for the tunes runs quite deep. I lost my faith on empty doses of this form of Catholicism.

I found some information on the Crisis website regarding the backstory on this genre of tunage. The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music is a good expose on a good thing gone horribly wrong. A ministry that ran out of a "mission" so they took to giving it up for the hippie generation. So, the hijacking of our liturgical music was all too easy. If you want traditional music you are a trouble maker.

The latest issue of Adoremus also has an excellent article, Wandering in the Desert
After forty years, we still seek the musical Promised Land
. I am finding the Internet is full of information on hippie-dippy music. Is it all a planned out conspiracy? At it's roots, I believe there was ill-intent. Now, it has all become so commonplace that it will take a miracle, well, that and some priests who will "just say NO" to flaky hymns.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." ~ J. Edgar Hoover

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elena maria vidal said...

I hoped every copy of Glory and Praise had been burned, too, except for the tattered copies in our parish. Now they're after the children. Lord, have mercy!