Monday, March 12, 2007

Convert Amid Life's Uncertainties

I had to mention this amazing comment from our Holy Father. He commented on the gospel from yesterday on the habit of "blaming the victim" when misfortune struck. In other words, like it was somehow their fault that bad things happened. Instead, he says, as victims we need to look inward and examine our conscience and then work toward purifying our lives. This is my favorite passage from this address:

"In short," said the Holy Father, "conversion overcomes evil at its root, which is sin, though it cannot always avoid its consequences."

Benedict XVI encouraged all Christians to "rediscover the grandeur, I would even say the beauty, of conversion."

The Pope said: "To do penance and correct our conduct is not simply moralism, but rather the most effective way to improve both ourselves as well as society.

"it is better to light a match than to curse the darkness."

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Says It's the Only Appropriate Response

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