Friday, February 23, 2007

Litugical crisis to be addressed

Vatican official acknowledges liturgical crisis outlines that "yes, Houston, we have a problem" and little about what will take place to correct this issue. Of interest is this point:

The fundamental challenge, the archbishop said, is stop what he called “freewheeling” liturgical innovation, and to recover the sense of the sacred. Steps in that direction, he said, would bring Catholics back into more active practice of the faith.

Further stated, the NO being influenced by the Tridentine Mass for less creativity is an odd thought. I have found on some Catholic forums and blogs that many parishes are preparing by learning the responses in Latin(Sanctus, Kyrie, etc) and I am seeing this "prep work" happening and wondering what the response of people may be that are not in the know. Regardless, this is good news that it seems a priority at the Vatican level.

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