Thursday, February 1, 2007

Global warming. The new religion.

Commenting on this topic is a difficult one because it is extremely frustrating to see that science is now being determined by a "consensus" instead of fact gathering, historical data and truth. I found this site in my search for sanity called World Climate Report. The world, throughout history, has gone through a series of cooling and warming periods. Does this mean we are melting or going back to an ice age? If it does, isn't God in control? If people are in control of the earth being wiped from history, how does God figure into this "theory"? I have done some research and found some data on the “Little Ice Age” and the “Medieval Warm Period”. Information on the Medieval Warm Period can be found in various places over the Internet(which, for the record, Al Gore did not invent).

So why this sudden interest in global warming and its effects if the earth has been through this before and is still around? Because it will have the government with a tighter grip on our freedoms and our tax dollars. It is also indoctrinating our children with a belief that they can control the planet with the use or non-use of an aerosol can. In man's quest to believe he knows all, he shows signs he knows so little. God knows all and knows what our planet needs. He also knows how to keep us in orbit and how the pull of gravity can mean the difference between living with our feet on the ground and flying through the air. God created all and knows all and we can never truly understand, in this life, how delicate our environment can be. I am not for waste and careless living. But I care more about the killing off of God's children than the environment and it's destiny in human history. Trees can be replanted, waters can be cleaned and the ozone will survive. No one can bring back the millions of babies killed here and in China and in every society that values a selfish lifestyle over a precious human life. Yes, I am very oppinionated on this subject. Just some things to think about.

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FloridaWife said...

Yes, me too. I care more abuot the unborn.

Hey, the other night they had an MIT guy on Larry King Live and he said the temp change was about a tenth of a degree over the next 50 years or so (or something like that).

There have been tons of climatic changes in our earth's history.