Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The fog over Ash Wednesday

I had to share a picture of the view out my studio window this morning. The weather was so appropriate for Ash Wednesday. There is a fog over the city that is consuming and it was a bit eerie going to Mass this morning. I am so unsure of where I will be a week or a month from now because of our parish situation being in limbo. I am tolerating it all for now, mostly for the sake of my kids. Church was absolutely packed but it is odd to be somewhere when people aren't aware of "what it all means". I cannot bring myself to be in a jovial mood on Ash Wednesday. I didn't feel like greeting everyone and small talk.
I always find such symbolism during Lent and today is no exception. I truly believe that it is okay to be melancholy and out of sorts during Lent. It is only when I wallow through dark times or spiritual dryness that I appreciate the sun and the fresh starts that God places before me. So while everything is covered in fog, I will try to take this as my "limbo" or my "transition". So much can happen in 40 days. It always does.

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