Sunday, January 7, 2007

This HSG issue...

I spent some time last night researching HSG(Hysterosalpingogram) and it's kind of intimidating. If my tubes are blocked for whatever reason, it may be the end of the road for us unless there is some miracle(which I never count out). The D&C I had after my miscarriage may have left scar tissue and this may catch what happened. I have secondary infertility which means I have had 4 pregnancies and carried 3 to term and now have annovulatory cycles...maybe. I still suspect low thyroid function and if a doctor won't treat it/listen, I will do it myself or find an alternative medicine dr. who will take the low basal readings as a definite sign of hypothyroidism.

Since she informed me I have to have the procedure this week(it must be between days 1-14 of the cycle) I have to get in there in the next few days. She said it was very painful at least 4 times and I am allergic to NSAID's so I will be taking tylenol 3 with codeine to get through this. I do have a friend that had this done where it actually opened her tubes with the force of the dye going through. I will be praying for a miracle. As an NFP family, we are in that category where we pray always for more children. Yes, even though we have 2 with autism. I believe both were poisoned by the vaccines as my middle boy didn't show any symptoms until AFTER the 4 yr MMR. Mary, my youngest, received no vaccines after 7 months and has no signs of autism.

So I will pray, pray, pray and hope that God hears my prayer to heal me and allow our family to have another baby. My daughter(who is typical) longs for a baby that will play with her and share her room. The boys often go into their "own world" and she gets lonely a lot.

We are going to a later Mass today so I can get caught up with some business issues and get our house in order.

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FloridaWife said...

I pray for you.

HSG is my next step with the RE.