Monday, January 22, 2007

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Celebrate Eucharist at Call to Action

As hard as this is to stomach, I had to watch it because I cannot believe this many people have been duped into thinking this is a good thing and just what our church needs. I couldn't even utter the words "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do" because they know very well what they are doing. Here's the details:

On Nov. 5th, 2006, Roman Catholic Womenpriests Celebrate Eucharist at the Call to Action 30th Anniversary National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

This movies features clips of the historic celebration of the Mass by Roman Catholic Womenpriests. Bridget Mary Meehan presided and Kathy Sullivan Vandenberg preached the homily. Over 700 Catholics, dedicated to the renewal of the church, participated in this joyful liturgy with great enthusiasm.
After the Mass, one woman exclaimed: It felt like my first Holy Communion!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Look at it this way. Their national convention attracted 700 out of more than 60 million Catholics in the US. My small inner city parish attracts almost that many. Still too many, but it shows they're not doing all that well, in spite of their trumpeting.

a thorn in the pew said...

True. I guess I look at most of this as publicity stunts. Like its going to recruit someone into this silliness. It's neither reverent or holy. I went to the website and they are mostly lesbians and theology/psych professors.

Catholica said...

"Roman Catholic Womenpriests" doesn't exist. We do NOT have woman priests. Period. Anyone can call themselves anything "Roman Catholic Practicing Bisexual Priests"...doesn't matter...they are NOT part of the Church..but their evil intent is to confuse some (and mass media) into believe THEY represent PART of the Roman Catholic Church! Sad sad sad. How much can you hate the Church? You know?? Only Satan can be behind such hate...and gives them all their ideas. The master of lies and confusion.

Here's to TRUTH.

a thorn in the pew said...

As Jeffrey said, they are such a small minority and no matter how bizarre they become they aren't getting the numbers to make any waves. I will have to look it up but many of them if not all have been excommunicated(regardless of what diocese they crawled out of)

elena maria vidal said...

I am surprised that even 700 people would want to participate in such nonsense. What are they, wiccans?