Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Latin Mass is not "dead"

I have to wonder how many more years it will take for my generation and younger to get the "voice out" regarding Latin Mass, reverence and all that has been lost. While I don't believe that allowing the Tridentine Mass to be said without bishop's approval will solve the broader abuses and problems I do think it is a jewel that has been hidden in our church's history. We are fortunate in our diocese to have a Latin Mass both here and over the river in Cincinnati. Having two autistic boys, I can't say that we have been able to attend but I am preparing them so that we might be able to in the next year. I also believe it is one of the many things that give us a rich history and identifies us as "Catholic" as apposed to a denominational church. It is my hope to teach my children Latin as all of them have the desire to learn. I just have to find the time to teach them.

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