Thursday, January 11, 2007

HSG Results

For those of you that fear this test, I learned much from the experience. ASK if they can numb your cervix prior to the test. It was much less painful than I had anticipated. I also took the tylenol with codiene prior to the test. The cramping from the dye was the worst but even that was far less pain that I had prepared myself for. As for the results, I only have preliminary information. I feared both tubes were blocked. The right tube is totally open and the left has a slight blockage but the dye still slowly passed through but not in a "non-obstructed" manner. She said there seems to be scar tissue there on the left. I have read online that women with one tube and one ovary on opposite sides STILL get pregnant so that is encouraging. I will need to go back in for a consult. All in all, I have hope, which is all I need. When I heard the word "spill" I was thrilled. I was praying over and over through the cramp pain and my mother was in the waiting room praying for St. Therese's worked! Now we can move forward with some kind of plan for another issue. So on the way home from picking kids up from school, they told me if I eat more vegetables, I will have a baby. Wonder if I should try that?

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